About master — Timofey Antonevich — master-blacksmith from Russia

Timofey Antonevich began to create copyright knives in 2005. From childhood he was interested in knives, but did not receive a special education. Everything that he knows and can do, he has learned from his own experience, from the experience of his older colleagues-gunsmiths, having studied all the sources available to him.

Antonevich’s special passion is the creation of historically accurate reconstructions: knives, sabers, swords, from ancient times to the present day. In addition to art knives, the master creates ordinary workers, both folding and fixed-blade knives.

For his art knives, Timofey most often uses Damascus steel, for workers — stainless or tool steel. He not only produces works of authorship, but also collaborates as a designer with leading Russian manufacturers: the Nizhebortsev brothers, I.Yu. Pampuhoy, D.O. Zakharov, S.V. Kudryashov and others, as well as with the Dendra company.

T. Antonevich’s works are presented at all major Russian and world exhibitions.

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